The Messages


Do you constantly second guess yourself or find there are grudges you can’t seem to let go of? Do you experience lingering grief or need to improve your relationships?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Messages is for you. 


It’s a fact. We all carry long-held beliefs that influence our lives. Oftentimes, they were seared into our minds and hearts when we were children. The positive ones cause us to move forward. The negative ones hinder us through fear, anger, self-doubt, hopelessness, or silence. They alter our thoughts about love, race, relationships, death, trauma, and much more.


What would have happened if someone challenged those harmful ideas sooner? How would your life be different?


The Messages, created by Danny L. Ross, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, helps you uncover and challenge these negative messages -- the ones that say you’re:

Not rich enough

Not smart enough

Not loveable enough

Not good enough

Regardless of your age or gender, The Messages offers a real solution that helps you improve your life and get back on track to healthy living. 

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