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  • Fees/Insurance
    Can I set up a payment plan for services? Unfortunately, DLR Counseling Group is a small practice, and it would not be feasible for our business maintenance. Do you do Benefits paperwork, FMLA, Disability, and Support Letters? I will do these if we see a medical need, and it will support the client. I will only complete this paperwork with three months of continued counseling. Only in particular circumstances may we complete the paperwork sooner. There is a fee that is charged for this service for the completion of this paperwork. Do you take insurance? We only take BCBS and do not plan to add any others. Do you accept EAP: Currently, we don’t accept any EAPs Do you offer sliding scale cash rates for counseling? Yes, we do.
  • Counseling Services
    Are you accepting new clients? Yes, we are. Do you offer a consultation before committing to services? Yes, we do. This is a must to get services started. What you will need to provide for your consultation: -An idea of when you would like to get started -Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Card if you want to use your insurance -Copy of your Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance card to be sent after consultation (front and back of card) -Check your coverage before the consultation -Think about what you want to work on in counseling -Think about how you would like for your life to look once we are completed with counseling services. How long will I need counseling? Most will generally receive counseling between 3-6 months, or it can be longer based on the complexity of concerns and the client's commitment to attending sessions and completing support activities that will help the client's progress. Most often, you will be seen only once a week. Do you do in-person therapy? Currently, we are virtual/telehealth (video counseling) only. How long are the sessions? 50 minutes. Are you currently running any groups? Not at this time.
  • Speaking and Business Coaching
    Do you speak for organizations, available for podcasts, workshops, consultations, etc.? Please connect with me at: Do you do pro-bono speaking engagements? I do allocate a certain number of pro bono speaking engagements a year. Please fill out your event request, and we will talk to you more at: Is your business coaching only for therapists? No, much of the information can be applied to many businesses. If you are interested, you can reach me at:
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