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Dealing with COVID-19 and Loss

It is ten months since the shutdowns first started in the United States, and yet COVID-19 is still spreading as quickly as ever. At this point, there are few people left who don’t know someone personally who’s had the virus. Many of us have even experienced the pain of losing a loved one due to COVID. Dealing with COVID-19 and loss isn’t easy, but it is possible.

I support many clients who are working through grief at my practice, DLR Counseling Group. In many ways, the grief that arises from COVID-19 is similar to the more common types of loss.


Some examples of how somebody might express grief are:

  1. Directing the anger and grief inward and shutting down

  2. Redirecting the complex emotions at others around you in the form of anger, rage, or frustration

  3. Participating in self-destructive behaviors


And yet, living through the COVID-19 crisis places uniquely challenging effects on your mental health as well. The isolation, worry, stress, and financial hardships due to this pandemic have already worn many people down to the breaking point. And then to add an illness or a death on top of that is more complicated than some people can handle. As a last resort to protect themselves from any more pain, they shut down emotionally. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen, and it doesn’t end well. While shutting down can provide a quick short-term solution, it tends to harm you, your friends, and family in the end. The only way I’ve seen to get past the pain and trauma is to work through it while being honest with yourself.

The process probably won’t be easy or pleasant, but I can promise that you will feel better afterward.

Talk to someone about what you’re going through. Whether it’s a licensed professional, a trusted friend, or a romantic partner, open up about how you’ve been handling things. It’s okay to not be okay.

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